Our E-commerce Acceleration Program is a growth acceleration program specifically designed for already running e-commerce ventures. At the core of the Program is highly targeted and data-driven digital marketing, social commerce strategies and a dedicated customer care system, where we provide experienced customer care executives to represent your business.

This comprehensive program empowers your business to thrive in the competitive e-commerce landscape.


Participation in the Acceleration Program is limited to businesses that achieve a minimum sales volume around INR 10 Lakhs. Only businesses that meet or exceed this sales threshold are eligible to enroll in the program. This requirement ensures that the program is focused on assisting businesses that have already achieved a certain level of sales success and are positioned to benefit from the specialized support and resources provided.

How it Works

Through website optimization, effective branding, highly targeted and data-driven digital marketing, social commerce strategies and a dedicated customer care system. 

Our team will optimise your online store for better user experiences and drive conversions. Through effective branding and marketing strategies, we build brand awareness and attract targeted traffic to your e-commerce store. Our team of skilled designers will create ad creatives and graphics for your advertisement campaigns and social media pages according to the standards of Meta and other social media platforms. Our team will manage the tedious task of adding product details to your website. Additionally, our customer support systems ensure exceptional service and foster strong relationships with your valued customers. This exceptional customer support system stands as a major attraction of our acceleration program, ensuring a seamless and satisfying experience for both businesses and their customers. 

Agency Fee

For Acceleration programs, our agency fee is determined by a commission structure, starting from 10% of the net sales generated through ecommerce platforms managed by us. The commission rate may vary based on the type or nature of the product or service, and will be determined through negotiations and agreements between the agency and the client. This commission structure serves as an incentive for the agency to actively drive sales and achieve results for clients. Additionally, if clients do not have a website or online store, we will charge an additional fee for setting up a website according to their specific requirements.

Key Services